Homework Policy

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Children are given homework:

  • To re-enforce what the child learns during the day.
  • To form a habit of working on their own, and to make a reasonable effort according to their ability.


Type of homework:

  • Homework will always be revision of work covered in class, but in Senior classes, research of new material for projects may be given.
  • At all times individual needs of children will be catered for when giving homework.


How often is homework given?

Homework is given on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


How much time should be spent on homework?

The following are guidelines for time spent on homework. Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time.


Senior Infants & 1st Class 15 mins

2nd & 3rd Class 30 mins

4th & 5th Class 45 mins

6th Class 1 – 1½ hours (minimum)


Parents should help in the following ways

    • Provide a suitable quiet place for homework, away from the television.
    • “Learning by heart” is important as is reading and parents should ensure this work is done.


  • If a child has difficulty with homework, parents should help the child with further explanation or examples, but should not actually do the homework



How should parents monitor homework?

  • Parents should check and sign the journal every evening, ensuring the child ticks each item of homework when completed.
  • Information and letters to parents will be placed in the journal.  Please check for notes on a regular basis.  


When should parents communicate with teachers about homework?

  • If the child has a problem with homework, please put a note in the journal.
  • If difficulties persist, always contact the teacher.


Homework in June

  • Homework may or may not be given during the month of June. If a student misbehaves then homework may be given to that student.
  • This is entirely up to the discretion of the teacher
  • We would hope that the curriculum would be covered and that homework would be relaxed during this month.