October 3, 2019

4th & 5th Class 2019 Blog Post

To kick off this month’s first 2019 Blog Post we welcome you all back to the best and most well-behaved school in the whole entire world!!!! To make your waiting worthwhile, we will get this show on the road. 

Everyone, as we all know, had a hectic Summer Holiday this term. We enjoyed playing, going on holidays, having fun with our friends and going on amazing days out with our families!!!! We all had something to put away and to hold onto in remembrance. All was going so well until the Book List came flying in out of thin air. The Holidays were sadly coming to an end. They literally flew by. Although we were enjoying our days in the sun, we all missed our good old companions. 

The first day back at school was great plus we got to catch up on all of the things that we missed over the holidays with our friends. If some of you didn’t know, the 4th & 5th class are taking up residence in the Afterschool. We have been working very hard on our schoolwork since we came back from the break. 

We have learnt a lot about Fr. Andrew Mullen, Kilclonfert Church and the nearby Graveyard. Our wonderful and knowledgeable teacher Mr. O’Meara gave us some work sheets to help us put together a project blooming with all the things we learnt over the course of the few days. Those who did their project on Kilclonfert Church and Graveyard were handed out books to guide them to project finishing glory. For those who were doing their projects on Fr. Andrew Mullen, they were handed out worksheets to guide them too. 

In our SESE lessons we were learning about Sound and Vibrations. Does sound travel best in wood or water? If you are wondering, the answer is water. We did many experiments to discover this. Mind you, some did not work out as planned!!!! We also had to figure out if sound causes movement in the air. Just to let you know that sound does cause movement in the air and sound travels four times faster in water. 

As well as all of what you have just read about we also found a way to fit in five weeks of French lessons. We are just gone past week two. We are flying it so far and we are learning lots of things that we need to know when heading for Secondary School. Thanks to our immaculate French teacher we are going to be French Dictionaries when we are older!!!! 

To get our fitness on a high we started football training with our coach Conal. We are getting on very well and we are heading for week three already!!!! 

We have been very lucky to get a grant for our brand new astro turf which was a great success for all the kids .It took a while to build because of Ireland’s bad weather but when it was finished we were all so happy. Mr. O Meara’s class were the first kids to give it a go, it was great fun. 

In SESE we have been learning all about towns and villages in Offaly We even found the location of Cappagh. On Friday we did a little test, to test our knowledge on the position of the counties. 

In art this year we have been doing some leaf rubbing with all the beautiful leaves in our woodland. We got some oil pastels and a piece of paper and started colouring over the leaves. We also brought in a shoe to paint and turn it into a banjo. First we painted the shoe box, then we cut a hole in the top and finally we added some elastic bands and we had a banjo. Along with our towns and villages of Offaly we designed our own Offaly crest. We could have something that was involved with Offaly. We all have great fun doing art.

In English we have been looking over recounts and refreshing our memories on how to do one. Some of us did it on Helen Keller and others did it on Stephen Hawking. We planned our stories and then started writing. We were adding adjectives, pronouns and even nouns.

To top off this year’s 2019 first Blog Post we would like to thank our fantastic teacher Mr. O’Meara for putting up with us for three years running!!!! We hope that he will show off more of his great talent to other students in the future but for now we are the lucky ones!!!!

By Cloadagh Scally & Dylan Dunne.

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