February 11, 2020

4th & 5th January Blog.

Food Dudes

Food Dudes are a company that are trying to encourage children to eat their fruit and vegetables. They are giving packets of fruit and vegetables to the children in primary schools. This went on for 8 days. They also gave us a 6 series DVD. These were very enjoyable. They gave all the children prizes whenever we ate our fruit and vegetables.  We got pencils, rubbers, a drink bottle and finally a lunchbox. We are now fitter and stronger eating our fruit and vegetables.

Stem Project

In SESE 4th and 5th class did two different stem projects. Some children did the Artic Camel and the others did the Super Animal.

  • Artic Camel

To make the Artic Camel we needed to make a camel survive in an Artic environment. We were split into groups of 3 or 4. The camel would need to have fur from a Polar Bear to survive such a cold temperature and you might have to have white fur so that your prey would not see you. We made a sculpture of the camel to show what it might have looked like. Some of us covered it with cotton wool so it would look like fur. We wrote interesting facts about it too.

  • Super Animal

To make the Super Animal we needed to create an animal that could survive in a forest, aquatic and desert environment. We also did this in groups of 3 or 4. We put a few animal parts together that help them survive in these environments, e.g. fish gills help them to survive in aquatic environments, tiger claws help them to survive in the forest by protecting themselves, lastly a camel has two humps to store water that helps them to survive in a desert during a drought. We wrote facts about it and made a video of why this animal can live in all these types of places.

  • Aztec Sundial

As you know we were learning about the Aztecs. Mr O’ Meara had an idea that we should do art on the Aztec’s unique sundial. We drew the sundial and then some of us used pastels and some of us used crayons.

  • Pancakes

In English 5th class were learning about procedure writing.  Mr O’Meara decided that we should make pancakes because we were learning about procedure writing. We made banana pancakes. We had chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, honey and lemon on the pancakes. We all loved them, they were delicious.

  • Maths

In maths 4th class were learning about Division while 5th class were learning about Long Division. Both classes worked very hard and improved so much.

By Cian Conway.

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