November 7, 2019

October Blog- 4th & 5th Class!

Hiya folks,

This is our second blog of this year!
We are well settled into school and ploughing through the work.

This past month we have been making great use of the IPads. We used them to make a factfile and answer questions about the Stone Age.  We looked up about how Stone Age people lived and what weapons they used. We learned about wattle and daub and dolmens.

During last month we did an investigation on which materials are the best for designing a water proof coat.  Pupils from 4th and 5th gathered up some materials from home and brought them in.  We investigated Nylon, cotton, wool, polyester and leather.  We discovered that nylon, cotton and wool aren’t waterproof.  We found out that polyester is water repellent but not fully waterproof.  Leather was found to be the best material to keep water out, even though it is not fully waterproof.

During last month the fourth class pupils did multiplication while the fifth class did long division.  Fifth class were given a booklet that contained a handy rhyme to help us remember the steps in long division.  Last month 4th, 5th and 6th all went to Lough Boora. We used our Maths eyes and found all sorts of shapes.

We have also been learning about rivers and mountains and we used our atlas to improve our mapping skills.


This year for Halloween, 4th and 5th Classes made paper plate pumpkins for art.

We got a paper plate and painted it orange. Mr. O’Meara printed out some pumpkin eyes, noses and mouths. We painted the mouth, nose and eyes yellow. After a while the orange and yellow paint was dry. Then we cut the nose, eyes and mouth out. We then stuck them onto the orange plate. When our pumpkin was finished, you were allowed to create a Crazy Halloween Monster using your imagination.

Paddy Madden Heritage in Schools

Paddy Madden came to our school to tell us about Nature. He told us about various sorts of rocks such as limestone, granite, basalt and sandstone. He showed us snake hide which looked to of came from a large type of snake, it felt crispy to touch, it was also transparent. Paddy told us all about the different types of Butterflies in Ireland and what Butterflies are close to getting extinct. Paddy also showed us a stuffed Fox

Creative Writing

4th and 5th Classes wrote Halloween Stories. We had work on creating tension and setting the scene. Everyone wrote two to three pages. We all used our imaginations. Everyone wrote excellent stories with lots of tension, using plenty of describing words.

Tin Whistle and Poems

4th, 5th and 6th Classes learned a poem, From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson

4th, 5th and 6th Classes learned Irelands Call on the tin whistles

4th Class learned the Halloween Poem; I think my Dad is Dracula!

Thanks for reading Our 4th and 5th Classes Blog!!!

By Darragh Sullivan & Sophie Fox.

One Comment on “October Blog- 4th & 5th Class!

Amanda Owens
November 7, 2019 at 8:38 pm

A great read Darragh and Sophie!
Brilliant work been done in the school.
Well done to all pupils and their Teachers.


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