Useful Links

Here we have a selection of useful links that may help you. The aim of this page is to help parents or guardians that are seeking support or guidance with their child/ children in primary education. 


Dept of Education Useful Links and Resources

This educational link will bring you the Department of Education services and websites that are available to use and engage with here in Ireland. 

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Apps Treasure Throve

A PDF downloadable list of the best apps for other curricular areas. 

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BBC Bitesize Hightlights

BBC Bitesize Highlight is a brilliant resources for primary, secondary and adult learning. 

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Cybersafety is extremely important here in St. Colman’s National School. The following links will help you understand and give some helpful tips towards keeping your child safe online. 

Childnet International

Childnet’s works directly with children and young people from the ages of 3 to 18 on a weekly basis, as well as parents, carers, teachers and professionals, finding out about their real experiences online, and the positive things they are doing as well as sharing safety advice.

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Stop Cyber Bullying

Stop Cyberbullying provides questions and answers to help children aged 7 – 18 understand the effects of cyberbullying, The website offers a kinder ‘netiquette’ that encourages children to think before they act negatively towards another person online, an explanation to why people cyber bully and the law around cyberbullying. 

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Wired Safety

WiredSafety is the first online safety, education, and help group in the world. Originating in 1995 as a group of volunteers rating websites and helping victims of cyber harassment, it now provides one-to-one help, resources and extensive information, and education to cyberspace users of all ages on a myriad of Internet and interactive technology safety, privacy and security issues.

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Here you will find information, advice and free education resources addressing a range of internet safety issues and concerns. We offer advice and support for young people, teachers and parents.

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Bullying Support

The role of the school is to provide an appropriate education for all its pupils. A stable, secure learning environment is an essential requirement to achieve this goal. Bullying behaviour, by its very nature, undermines and dilutes the quality of education. Here we have some useful links that will help and advise you with this issue. 

Help Me to Parent

This website aims to help parents with ” every step of the way” in primary and secondary education. This website can provide assistance, training and individual support to parents. 

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