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St. Colman’s N.S. has a Parents Association which represents the parents.

The committee of the Parents’ Association aims to promote the interests of all pupils at St. Colman’s N.S. in partnership with the B. O. M., the principal of St. Colman’s N.S., the teaching staff, support staff and ancillary staff.

The committee of the Parents’ Association meets on a regular basis throughout the school year. The function of these meetings is to plan for school activities, to discuss and organise fund-raising activities and to advise the principal on general matters of concern to the parent body in the school.

Individual parents are encouraged to assist at the various events organised for parents and pupils throughout the school year.

The aim of the Parent Association

The aim of the Parent Association is to provide a forum for the parents/guardians of children attending Holy Family National School to, work together, in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community, to help provide the best possible education for children attending our school, in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998.

The Role of the Parent Association

In  St. Colman’s National School the Parents Association supports the school through fundraising and to utilise the funds as deemed appropriate by the Principal and the Board of Management. Fundraising for the school by the Parents Association may only be carried out with the prior approval of the Board of Management.

They also  support the school with various school events and activities as requested by the Principal.

In Cappagh the Parents Association support the parent body through dissemination of information pertaining to parenting and supporting your child in primary school.


The Parents Association may, upon request by the Principal and/or Board of Management, advise the Principal and the Board of Management on any matters relating to the school in accordance with the Education Act 1998, (2)(a).

Overview of School Years 2015-19 Parents Association

  1. Bike Safety –  training for 5th/6th class

  2. Farm safety – speaker from FBD

  3. Garda speaker – on community safety

  4. Wifi – One system throughout the school

  5. Ipads – Parents Assoc and school fundraising towards school purchase of Ipads in 1st term of 2016 School received ipads in April from Laois Education Centre for 2 weeks

  6. Tea party fundraiser – 2000 euro approx raised 

  7. Christmas Raffle 

  8. Santa Visit – gift fir all students 

  9. Easter Bunny – Egg hunt for Junior classes

  1. Held a successful Health and Saftey Fortnight in the school with speakers from the locality including, Alan G, Brian G, Dave P, RSA, Order of Malta

  2. Purchased 20 Linx Tablets for the school and a charging trolley courtesy of the Parents and BOM

  3. Held our annual Christmas Concert & Raffle (3000 euro raised)

  4. Santa visited the school (presents for all children)

  5. Easter Bunny Visited and delivered eggs to all students

  6. School raised 8000 euro through the Faile Vintage Tractor Run

  7. 10 weeks of Ict classes for 3rd to 6th students 

  8. Marie Kinahan worked with students in the school over 20 weeks and with 6th class girls with the transition from primary to secondary.  

  1. Held our annual Christmas Concert & Raffle (3500 euro raised)

  2. Purchase of literacy and numeracy resources

  3. French Classes (after Xmas – Parents)

  4. School Transport for GAA (Parents and Clubs)

  5. Play Therapy 

  6. Literacy and numeracy resources. 

  7. Santa visited the school (presents for all children)

  8. Clothes collection Parent’s Association.

  9. GAA Coaching – Parents Assoc in Ballycommon 

  1. Basketball Coaching Gemma Prendergast.

  2. Soccer coaching Brian Gowran

  3. 5 a side soccer tournament entered.

  4. Clothes collection on June 21st. Parent’s Association.

  5. Basketball Coaching Gemma Prendergast.

  6. Soccer coaching Brian Gowran

  7. Rugby Balls and Water Bottles received through Aldi Rugby Sticker Collection.

  8. Santa visited the school (presents for all children)

  9. Internet Safety Talk given by Mr. O Meara & David Prendergast.

  10. Christmas Raffle – 2500 collected